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For this, both the sensitivity and the impedance of the MIN MINI were optimized according to the performance of our own valve amplifiers. The MAX MINI is a compact two-way bookshelf charged by reflection, with two front-firing ports. This speaker can also be used as front and / or rear channels in home theater systems. Two pairs of MAX MINI configured as front and rear channels can form the basis of a compact home theater system that offers great emotional impact even without the presence of a center channel or subwoofer.
The MINI MAX has a very deep and high bass performance, while having a clear and accurate midrange and high quality treble.
The MINI MAX is easy to place for optimal sound performance in the listening room.

The cone of the 8 “woofer, made in Italy, is made with a special mixture of vegetable fibers and carbon and felt.Its 51 mm diameter, double layer coil (one inside and one outside), is wound on a aluminum mold using aluminum wire.The bass speaker is equipped with a metallic ring demodulator connector that controls the variations in the flow, helping to reduce its harmonic flow and intermodulation distortion to inaudible levels.
The magnet is neodymium, while the triple roller outer suspension (the rim) is made of fabric and polyester fibers and is cushioned with a new concept product. The basket is die cast to achieve maximum rigidity.
This woofer can handle more than 200 watts of continuous power, much more than you will have to endure in daily use. This guarantees the total absence of thermal compression. The compression driver (also made in Italy) has a throat of one inch and the voice coil cable is made of aluminum and is loaded with an elliptical polyurethane horn ESS Constant Coverage (60 ° x 50 °). It is incredibly robust and linear, and its sound is natural without any hint of nasality. The directivity index is constant and remains within +/- 0.85dB to more than 12kHz.

The heart of the MAX MINI is the crossover filter that was designed with special care and attention, and was designed using GTN technology (Genesis Transparent Network). The frequency slopes of the high pass and low pass sections are symmetric (12/12 dB / octave) and the cutoff frequency is between 1 and 1.5 kHz. It is built with high quality and low tolerance components, which are subject to the following selection conditions in our factory. The self-adhesive coils are made of OFC wire.
The low tolerance capacitors are from Mundorf and the resistances are from metal oxide (MOX) technology with 1% tolerance and low temperature coefficient. The cabinet is, of course, made in Italy by expert craftsmen. In fact, with the exception of capacitors and resistors, the entire speaker has been designed and manufactured in Italy.
On the rear panel, near the input terminals, there is a switch that can adjust the MAX MINI for optimum performance when used with tube or solid state amplifiers.
Special attention has been paid to make the impedance curve as smooth as possible to reduce the effect of the cables and the damping factor of the amplifier. In particular, the minimum impedance value has remained around 6 ohms. The electrical impedance complies with DIN 45500 for loudspeakers with a nominal impedance of 8 ohms.
Finally, the two speaker terminals are the same well-known and appreciated connectors
It is also used in Unison Research amplifiers.
They accept fork terminals, 4 mm banana plugs and bare wire that guarantee safe and efficient electrical and mechanical contact.

The cabinet is made of 25 mm thick MDF veneered in natural wood and is equipped with two front reflex ports. The structure is reinforced with internal reinforcements and reinforcements. The internal volume of the cabinet is approximately 24 liters and the interior walls are carved with high quality polyurethane sheets. The front panel is covered in synthetic leather. The speakers are mounted flush with the panel and the inside of the front panel is correct. ground to avoid coloring in the middle range.
In essence, despite being a loudspeaker manufactured with the table of acoustic components for professional use, the cabinet was made in the following way the most solid principles of fidelity: speakers to the height of the user’s needs
the surface and rounded edges to preserve the impulsive response that can be ruined due to damaging diffraction caused by square edges.
The loudspeaker can be placed on furniture or in a stand, but it can also be placed directly on the floor, taking care to direct the axis of the speaker to the listening point.

System: Shelving – frontal cooking bass reflex.
Speakers: 1 x 8 “woofer.
Compression controller 1 x 1 “with titanium diaphragm.
Number of tracks: 2 tracks.
Frequency response: 30-20000 Hz.
Crossover: Woofer pass under 12dB / octave.
Tweeter high pass 12dB / octave.
Cross frequency: 1 – 1.5 KHz.
Power: 100 watts RMS.
Amplifier: from 10 to 100 watts RMS or more – without clipping.
Sensitivity: 93dB @ 2.83Vrms / 1 meter.
Nominal impedance: 8 ohm (6 ohm min.).
Measures: A 49.5cm x H 28.5cm x D 36cm.
Weight: 15kg each


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